Quantum Optics INRIM

Quantum Photonics Metrology

There is now a critical mass of companies developing quantum photonics technologies ranging from quantum communications (e.g. single-photon sources and sources of entangled photons for quantum key distribution) via quantum sensors (e.g. single-photon detectors, but also magnetic, temperature and pressure sensors based on NV centres) to quantum imaging (e.g. single photon confocal microscope and quantum cameras). It is fundamental that dedicated metrological techniques should be developed to support the standardisation and the market success of these novel technologies.

The Quantum Optics Group contributes by developing cutting edge research activities in the context of optically based quantum enhance measurements and quantum sensors, as well as, developing the necessary metrological infrastructure for the characterisation of the quantum photonics devices and for their certification.

Specifically, it has developed novel measurement approach and systems for the characterisation of several aspects of single-photon sources and single-photon detectors.

Furthermore, there is an extremely active research field aiming at developing quantum sensors exploiting fluorescence of the colour centres in (nano-)diamond, and a strong interest in developing quantum enhanced measurement systems exploiting quantum light in a variety of field ranging from quantum interferometry to quantum reading.


Most relevant pubblications

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