Quantum Optics INRIM


Current projects

EMPIR project: BeCOMe

Light-matter interplay for optical metrology beyond the classical spatial resolution limits


Single-photon sources as new quantum standards

EU-Horizon 2020 FET Open project "Pathos"

FQXI project

NATO SPS Programme:

Analysis, design and implementation of an end-to-end 400 km QKD link

COST Action


Past projects

EMPIR project 14IND05 "MIQC2" (2015-2018)

Progetto Premiale MIUR "Q-SecGroundSpace" (2016-2017)

EMRP Project: Siqute (2013-2016)

European Project FP7 BRISQ2 (2012-2015)

EMRP Project: MIQC (2011-2014)

Firb Project: Lichis (2012-2015)

Progetto Sir J.Templeton Found. (2014-2016) Executive Summary

FIRB project: Thermalskin (2012-2015)

Firb project: Development of microfabrication techniques in diamond for applications in bio-sensing and photonics (2012-2016)

Finanziamento Poli BioPmed regione Piemonte MICRODIBI (2011-2013)

Progetto Compagnia di San Paolo "Oltre i limiti classici della misura sfruttando le correlazioni quantistiche" (2012-2014)

Progetto Premiale MIUR "Oltre i limiti classici di misura" (2012)

Progetto NATO SPS Project 984397 "Secure communications using Quantum Information Systems" (2012-2014)

Progetto Premiale MIUR "Oltre i limiti classici di misura", (2013-2014)