Quantum Optics INRIM

Marco Genovese

Research Director

Director of the Quantum Optics research sector of INRIM


+39 011 3919 253  

Research director in INRIM, leading Quantum Optics Sector (that he cofounded)

-Born 1967

-Degree 90 

-Specialisation school 91 

-PhD 91-94 

-CERN 94-95,Lyon Univ 95-96,Grenoble Univ.96-98,IEN/INRIM 98-

2014 – 2023  Member of Scientific Council of INRIM.

Member of Academy of Science of Turin

His works concern development of quantum technologies in quantum optics, in particular having given significant contributions to the birth of experimental quantum metrology-imaging&sensing (most recent: sub shot noise imaging, quantum illumination, quantum enhanced correlation interferometry, characterisation of  detectors POVM, weak and protective measurements,quantum reading…)

More than 250 papers, over 180 on JCR journ.(over 6300 citations,H-ind.43 GS) Invited talk(about 100),chairman and organiser of several int.congr. 

Associated editor of Appl. Science,Adv.Science, Eng.& Med.,Managing Managing editor of Int.Journ.of Quant.Inf. Responsible oif severaò projects (for various M€ altogether). 2008-today INRIM referent in ETSI.

He teaches quantum optics at PhD of Turin Polytechnic Univ. (member of didactic council of PhD school in Physics). In the last 10 years, he has been (co)tutor of thesis of more than 60 students (15 PhD level).

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