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Ekaterina Moreva



+39 011 3919 247

Dr. Ekaterina Moreva was awarded a Ph.D in Physics and Mathematics at National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI», Moscow (2007), the second Ph.D.in Physics at the university of Turin (2020). She has worked at MEPhI 2004-2012(Moscow), Lomonosov Moscow State University 2005-2012 (Moscow). Her interests and expertise concern experimental quantum optics and quantum metrology,exploiting the entangled nature of biphoton states from PDC sources and developing single photon sources from NV-centers in nanodiamonds. In the last years her work was focused on the quantum sensing with NV-centers in diamonds and nanodiamonds. She is coauthor of more than 50 papers, with 34peer-reviewed publications on JCR journals.